The Story: Reduce, reuse, recycle is the theme of this story that follows a plastic water bottle from the time it is purchased through its potential impact on health and the environment.  Using fun illustrations to support the story, the message is clear: it’s better to use and recycle your own water bottle!

Bonus Quizzes:  Trash” includes quizzes for students to practice core vocabulary and build comprehension.  Stars with points are collected and a final result displayed at the end. 

Language support: “Trash” is narrated by a native speakers in Mandarin, Spanish or English.  Every word or word phrase is highlighted when spoken so it is easy for the reader to follow along.  Switch easily between languages on any page. 

Extra language scaffolding:  Every word in the story is also clickable!  Click the word once to hear it in the target language.  Double-click the word to hear and read the translation.  At the end of the story, every word clicked is saved in an interactive vocabulary list for review.

Teacher to Teacher: “Trash” introduces language learners to some basic vocabulary about t the environment and recycling.  It asks larger questions about where our trash goes which can be used for class discussion or writing assignments. 

Extension:  Use “Trash” to ask students what other ways they recycle or reuse their things..  More advanced learners could draw a picture or write a short story about what they do to help the environment.


Levels (Lexile)
English: 330
Spanish: 320
Mandarin: NA
Pages: 14
Word count: 75

Grammar: Present tense, Future tense
Focus Vocabulary: Bottle, Trash, Ocean, Thing, Water, Fish


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