The Story: People use many different forms of transportation to reach a variety of destinations in this beautifully illustrated story that visually takes us to places around the world.  In the end the story leaves the next “dream” destination up to the reader.

Bonus Quizzes:  “Let’s Go!” includes quizzes for students to practice core vocabulary and build comprehension.   Stars with points are collected and a final result displayed at the end. 

Language support: “Let’s Go!” is narrated by a native speakers in Mandarin, Spanish or English.  Every word or word phrase is highlighted when spoken so it is easy for the reader to follow along.  Switch easily between languages on any page. 

Extra language scaffolding:  Every word in the story is also clickable!  Click the word once to hear it in the target language.  Double-click the word to hear and read the translation.  At the end of the story, every word clicked is saved in an interactive vocabulary list for review.

Teacher to Teacher:  “Let’s Go!” introduces language learners to the verb “to go” while also introducing various forms of common transportation. Through a predictable narrative, the verb “to go” is fully conjugated in the present tense.  Clear illustrations provide clear visual clues to support core vocabulary and comprehension.

Extension:  Use “Let’s Go!” to start an in-class role play beginning with the transportation vocabulary introduced in the story and practice the verb “to go.”  More advanced students could draw a picture and write about places they go and and the transportation they use to get there.


Levels (Lexile)
English: 60 
Spanish: 140
Mandarin: NA
Pages: 17
Word count: 91

Grammar: Past tense
Focus Vocabulary: Train, Bike, Airplane, Car, Boat, Bus

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