The Science Standards of Learning Enhanced Scope and Sequence is a resource intended to help teachers align their classroom instruction with the Science Standards of Learning that were adopted by the Board of Education in January 2003. The Enhanced Scope and Sequence contains the following: • Units organized by topics from the 2003 Science Standards of Learning Sample Scope and Sequence. Each topic lists the following: ? Standards of Learning related to that topic ? Essential understandings, knowledge, and skills from the Science Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework that students should acquire • Sample lesson plans aligned with the essential understandings, knowledge, and skills from the Curriculum Framework. Each lesson contains most or all of the following: ? An overview ? Identification of the related Standard(s) of Learning ? A list of objectives ? A list of materials needed ? A description of the instructional activity ? One or more sample assessments ? One or more follow-ups/extensions ? A list of resources • Sample released SOL test items for each Organizing Topic.

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